One of my life's little mottos

One of my life's little mottos

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


OK can somebody explain to me how I have been working out for the past 3-4 weeks and NOTHING! I don't mean simply going for a stroll... I'm talking hard core Insanity workouts, Yoga, and Dance videos. I bust my rear (and lord knows I have plenty of rear) and loose 5 pounds the first week.  WHOO HOOO right????

Is this normal??? NO! I know and understand this... so hey I expect it to slow down or even to level out and move more slowly. Is that what has happened.....


Instead I have now gained back 3 of those pounds. Now before you even say it.... I am not buying into that "muscle weighs more than fat"..... CRAP! Yes it does but that does not explain! If you think my workouts are not hard enough.. have you ever done INSANITY! There is a reason it has this name... that man is flipping NUTS! NUTS I tell you!

If you have never tried this workout... give it a shot. I promise you will be dripping in sweat, laying face down on the floor, cursing Shaun T and all BEFORE the 1/2 point of the workout! Personally I suspect that he is a sadist, masochist, and general psycho... but hey that's just my opinion.

I was crazy enough to even buy his Rocking workouts; because hey there were only $20 on Groupon so that would be great to "mix up" my workouts.... Well I am here to tell you he is just as flipping sadist in those workouts as in Insanity. So NOPE, I am working out plenty hard enough.

I actually took before pictures in my workout tank and shorts. HOWEVER I swore to myself I was not posting those until I had a more improved version to post as well. Let's just say that I look like the Michelin Man squeezed into that workout tank and shorts. I have not been this heavy (save pregnant) since before Steve and I met. DEPRESSING!

So how did I respond to this sad fact of the scale saying I had gained weight back???? I did what any normal person would do.... I ate two waffles for breakfast! Screw you Shaun T...... then crap I felt guilty as sin..... SOOOOOO

INSANITY HERE I CAME AGAIN... In fact I workout so hard that today I can barely move. Not smart .... geeezz I'm an idiot. So in order to not kill myself I have told Steve to hide that damn scale and it is not to come out until a whole pants size has been dropped.

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