One of my life's little mottos

One of my life's little mottos

Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer Vacation is finally here!!!

Well I can finally enjoy summer break! The end of the year was so hectic not only with my own work/school but also the twins school. We had their VPK graduation which was SO stinking cute!! They got up with their classes and performed a few songs with dances. The church was PACKED and Steve was such a good daddy we went and sat up front so he could get better video. I tried to get pictures but they did not come out :-( The twins also loved that Meemaw, Peepaw, and Nana came to see it. Afterwards we surprsied them by going to TuttiFrutti for the first time. They loved picking their own candies to go on their frozen yogurt. They even started sharing their yogurt with each other... so adorable!

The next week Pearl had her dance recital. I was very excited to see her perform but I can tell you I was a wreck as my own parents will verify! I thought I was doing good on time and since I had never been before was desperate to get a good enough seat so Steve could video tape her. (and yes I know we were not suppose to do that but dang it was not paying $20 for a DVD of a 2 min dance!) Well we left a little late.. get in car and realize I was so focused on Pearl forgot that Clinton not only wasn't dressed in "nice" clothes but he was wearing the ones he spilled applesauce on at lunch. CRAP! so in we run while everybody waits in car... quickly change him. Grab his belt and shoes then literally toss him into the back of van with his stuff behind him. Jump back in car and start to pull out. THANK GOD I thought to call Steve and ask if he had the video camera. THAT WOULD BE A NOPE! Damn it!!! Back in driveway, run back in house grab them and at this point we are running 20 mins late..... I HATE TO RUN LATE!!!

Well of course it didn't get any better... NOPE!! Hit the button to close garage as I drive off... garage doesn't close. Poor Jason and Shelly down the street thought I had lost my ever loving mind (I probably had but thats a moot point.) Flip around come back to house to get in range to close garage door... then flip a quick U-turn in front of poor J & S and hall ass!! Half way there Nana calls and she got their early THANK GOD!! so now I can settle down since we at least have somebody there to grab seats. Of course when we get there they wont let anybody in so you have to stand in the lobby huddled around everybody else because you have to grab seats as soon as you get in for everybody. Let's just say I am glad I know what to expect next year! She did a fab job!!! She followed all the stetps and I was one proud mommy. Clinton was SO cute and kept asking when Pearl was coming on? I can't see Pearl? Where is she? Now mommy?? Baby Jace was a champ the whole time. He was very sick but didn't cry/fuss during the whole performace and even waited to eat until it was over at 7:30.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

OK, so even though I set this blog up eons ago, I am finally getting around to actually using it! Imagine that, cause lord knows I have TONS of free time on my hands!
So my friends and family who want to know what has been going on in our lives lets see....

First, I am fat, sick and tired... not in any particular order there. I am trying to make it through until the end of the school year (4 more days with students) Thank GOD! Not only am I trying to keep my 47 students engaged, behaved and just not getting into trouble. I have my twins who have gobs of stuff going on at their school. People wonder why I CRS its because there is too much going on! It is truly sad when I have to put everything on my phone calendar and refer to that constantly to know what is going on in my own life!
Steve and I at his birthday party in Feb. Yep that's me with a big ole plate of food.... and I wonder why I am at 245 pounds! Let's think woman!!

My oh so wonderful profile picture is me at my heaviest in the past 12 years. How is it exactly that after the twins were born I only had about 15 lbs to lose. Now, I'm not saying my 30 year old body just bounced right back into shape.... oh no. Things were definitely not in the same place any more and they sure didn't move around for the better! Yet it seems that having just one kid I now have 40 lbs to try and get rid of. It doesn't help the whole process that little Jace, although cute still is not on a good schedule of sleeping through the night. I thought I knew exhaustion until that little dude was born. He's cute people but dang not so cute and adorable at 3:30 AM!!

See, he just suckers you in with those long lashes and cute smile! Dang he is evil!!

The twins are doing well. They fight like cats and dogs... heck I think they fight worse than cats and dogs! However, as I told Steve, when we think our kids are "bad" I just need to attend a child's birthday party. We went to a little friends party and our kids were the BOMB! They didn't fuss, throw fits, act up in any way. My little angels played nicely, ate the food I gave them without complaint, cleaned up after themselves, and just generally were freaking amazing!!! To dang bad I can't have those kids all the time... life would be pretty sweet then! Sadly GOD has a sense of humor and he likes to try it out on me.
Pearl & Clinton at the birthday party. It was cowboy themed and they even rode horses! Too cute!