One of my life's little mottos

One of my life's little mottos

Monday, October 15, 2012


So maybe you have been wondering where in the heck I have been... or maybe not. Yep probably not. No hurt feelings here!

Well it is the start of school and that means... crazy, hectic, hair on fire, never a dull moment, where the hell did summer go!! schedule.

I do love my job, I just wished it came with three day weekends, duct tape for kids mouths, ear plugs so I don't have to listen to the constant talking, or hey I would even take a sound proof room to scream into without anybody thinking I have finally lost my mind.

For those of you who do not know I left elementary school behind (it only took me 12 years to make it through.) Now I have moved onto big kid school in the form of 7th grade Science. As terrified as I was, have to say I am loving it! Oh yes, that is the part that makes me certifiable... and prone to frosty adult beverages; had one tonight :-)

Now the kids really don't bother me. I mean hey they are kids: raging hormones, not a clue in the world what is going on, and yet they seem to know it all! Some of the adults, well take all of the above and add bi-polar you got yourself one heck of a work environment. 

I have never understood the mentality of picking every little fight with the boss. Although I have never worked for him, I am pretty sure that Warren Buffet would totally fire your ass if you questioned every decision he made. To add to that I would have to say Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, hell any CEO would have your butt in the unemployment line so fast it would make your skirt fly up and your panties get in a bunch. However for some reason in education, no matter what school I work at or what level, there are a hand full of people who nit-pick and bitch about every little thing. Here's a hint.... ready....listen good... clean those ears out... YOUR NOT THE BOSS! I mean hey, want to try and do things your way and only your way... there's the door find another place to work. Just saying here.

It is not that all are bad, just a few bad eggs that make things yucky for others. I really like most of the people I have gotten to know at work. Heck if it weren't for T slinging my door open cursing like a sailor or S coming in to let it rip with some sarcastic humor- my day would be pretty dull. So overall I love the new school I work at. OH and BTW: the boss is pretty damn relaxed compared to some I have worked for. He's not all in my business, lets me do my job and just generally treats me like a professional. Isn't that what most people want?? So shut up babies!

Now how are the kids you ask?? WELL!!! The first month was a butt kicker. J wasn't doing so well at daycare, P and C had problems with some kid, and C gets in trouble just about everyday. Most of you who know me, understand that I am not prone to crying. Maybe so pissed off I see red and I am about to kill somebody tears but not a crier. I generally tell people (in a SO nice way) to suck it up. Well I broke down in front of the kids and poor Steve. I just knew the first month that I had made a huge mistake. The poor man, thank GOD he hasn't left me yet, stepped up and has been doing great to help out more. In fact (refer to previous rant about idiots) I am starting back to school the end of this month. Yep, I should be institutionalized. Maybe one day I can have my own little bunch of nit pickers.

My girlfriend C was amazing and knew of this woman who watched kids in her home. WELL hot damn she is great! J is a happy camper. She does crafts with them, he gets his two naps a day, eats WAY better food than daycare and life is good. P and C are adjusting to school.... C not as well as P but out of all the crap that was hitting the fan non-stop at the start of the school year.... I'll take it. P is still doing dance and C is doing gymnastics- yes you read that right.... got something to say about that then refer again to the idiot section. He loves it and those men are built like a brick wall! Below I have posted some uber cute stuff about those nutty kids! 

Finally, I haven't lost a freakin pound! I can't blame anybody, its all my fault. Too dang tired to even think of going to gym, for a walk, etc This past week is the first time I can honestly say I haven't dropped over from extreme exhaustion once the kids were in bed. Yes I know it is a vicious circle: if I exercised more I would have more energy.. but I have no energy to want to exercise. Maybe by the next time I post my butt will have gotten smaller... one can only dream! Now excuse me while I go bury my face in some chocolate chip cookies, dipped in ice cream and drizzled in let my butt get even bigger!

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